Comic 30 - Chapter 2 Page 1

16th Aug 2018, 12:00 AM in Graphic Twinkdom
Chapter 2 Page 1
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datalovin 16th Aug 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete
And welcome back! Chapter 2 has gone thru like, at least three script changes since I started drafting things out in like, April. It’s a lot sexier than it was going to be, that’s for sure.
I spend so much time thinking about the lore and shit for this story I sometimes forget to put in the saucy bits. Seeing as all I draw is beefcakes and pinups this is surprising to me. But, this really is the first story I’ve written, so I think I’m worrying over the uh, story more than how I can embellish it with nudity and such

And you may have noticed that it is Thursday this page has gone up. For an indeterminate amount of time we will be updating on Monday and Thursday. I have a few other projects for the month of August I need to work on (like an entry for the [url=]Chubby Anthology![/url] My first zine entry!) and trying to adhere to 3 Days a week has been taking its toll on my body. Not only do I work for a living but my job also heavily involves the use of my dominant hand and wrist and the effects are starting to compile.
I also haven’t been able to draw anything except the comic and that isn’t good for my creative expression.
I would love to go back to three updates a week, but that’s heavily dependent on my day job and how much buffer I can wrack up.
I know less Boys Love is a bummer, but this means the Boys Love you get will be higher quality.

This month BLBL will also be restructuring Patreon, or possibly opening a Gumroad to sell extras. It’s been pretty tame so far, but future plans for BLBL are deffffff more R18 than R16, and sites like Patreon and Ko-Fi are getting a little dodgy for my tastes. Maybe I’ll take a poll about it.
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